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Cooking is chemistry for the soul

With a passion for food nurtured in his mother’s kitchen, Jason embarked on his culinary journey with the Taj Group of hotels. His meteoric rise to the youngest Executive Chef in the country was punctuated by stints with various luxury hospitality brands in India.  

An alumnus of a prestigious Culinary Institute in London, Jason honed his craft in the famed kitchens of culinary royalty, Gordon Ramsay and Alain Ducasse. Back home, he helped establish several premium hospitality brands with a flair that is Jason’s signature style.

A restaurateur, entrepreneur, and flavor savant extraordinaire, Celebrity Chef Jason’s latest venture brings gourmet delights into homes across India with Gourmet Cooking Made Easy.

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Make your next meal special


Fab FamJam

That’s no better way to show some love to your nearest and dearest than a scrumptious meal that’s simply bursting with flavour.


Pick from a variety of traditional family favourites with a gourmet twist to style up your fam jams!

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Boys Night In

Knock it out of the park on game night - or any night with your crew. Simple, no-fuss treats that pack a punch in flavour. 


Make sure you double-batch everything and watch it all disappear!

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Date Night Delights

Dim the lights, light those candles and put on your fancy - it’s date night!


Dazzle the object of your affections with these scintillating delicacies that are bound to have them salivating for more.

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High On Health

Eating healthy has never been so appetizing.


Wholesome, nutritious and oh-so-delicious meals that are great on taste and even better for you.

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Festive Fancy

Holidays and festivals are the time to pull out all the stops and create memorable feasts for friends and family.


When it’s time to celebrate, go big, go bold, go gourmet!

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No Stress Impress

Make a splash in your social circle with little or no effort at all!

Put on the bells and whistles for a classy get together without breaking a sweat.

Scintillating banquets that are sure to stimulate conversations and taste buds alike!

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Binge Worthy

Give in to guilty pleasures in style! You just can't get enough of these scrumptious creations that will tantalise the palette and satiate yearning tastebuds. 


When the cravings hit big time, lock away the guilt and dive right in!


Gourmet Cooking
Made Easy

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Posh Pyjama Party

Glam up a Girls’ Night In with these gorgeous gourmet goodies.


Something spicy, something saucy and definitely something decadent - all the ingredients for a perfect night of indulgence!

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